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Mentally chillin'


Told my boyfriend i'm Lokean and he reacted in a positive way and I feel re-energized in my practice (been lapsing due to mental health issues)

I've been like this all day

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clymene moth

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small pony with horn...

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God I love my mice

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I Have Decided Everything Would Be Easier If It Weren’t For Captialism

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and the gender of the day is.......

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edit of this old mario kart render to make it more modern? also gave daisy her tan back too, cos why not! idk why i spent the time doing this but i guess i just wanted to see if i could, lol!!

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G'day mates, what a wonderful day to cherish nonbinary people!

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Baby scritches

Welp just took a game off of my wishlist (Heartbeat - don't go to the steam page, reviews are... not great) because it was made by vocal TERFs who

cw: suicide mention

made the game 41% off to mock suicide rates.

My wig came today

Time to shave off what's left of my hair and learn how to wear wigs

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If I were straight I'd simply say no thank you

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